Wednesday, January 14

Prayer Requests

Today I am at Mom's trying my best to be a good nurse. With the stress of loosing Papa and the inevitable of living on her own for the first time my dear Mum has been attacked with the recurrence of Herpes Zoster, a strand of Chickenpox known as Shingles.

If you've ever had Chickenpox you have the potential to have Shingles. Generally speaking, the chickenpox virus goes dormant and may never reappear, however, 1 of 10 people who've had chickenpox will have Shingles. The virus is thought to 'sleep' within the nervous system. When it attacks the nervous system in the form of Shingles the virus moves from its core, via the nerves, to the skin creating a large painful rash that can be felt to the core of the person. There is a rash, but there is much more going on inside the body. It is painful and can last for up to 5 weeks (or longer...but that's a different diagnosis and we're not there yet). Mom broke out about 1.5 weeks ago with the rash.

Right now she is sleeping- that's about all she has energy to do. She's nauseous, tired, has hot and cold sweats and generally in a LOT of pain, so please, please pray for her. In my 28+ years I have never seen my mom so disabled from normal life- which for her is all about being on the move. I know she needs rest, so I'm encouraging as much sleep as possible, but also pray that she will be able to eat. Food tastes pretty terrible to her, but she needs it to get healthy.

The good news is that for most people shingles does go away and doesn't cause life long problems, its just really puts a damper on life anywhere from three to five weeks. So please pray for her.

Additionally, I and Matt really need prayer. I'm out of work as most of you know and I'm feeling that I'm at a crossroads. Pray for us and our future, the- what, where, when, how. All these questions we're trying to figure out. So please, pray if you can, on our behalf.

I'm going to take a walk now. Mum is sleeping and I'm feeling a little lethargic.


Monday, January 5

New ideas...

Thinking of a new blog idea. Real stories...a chance to remember... perhaps I'll post a link...but keep this one active too...hmmm...