Wednesday, October 28


When I think of things I like, I immediately envision my home. While the list below in not an exact list of my current home, it does include the things I’ve like about other people’s homes that I want to incorporate into mine. Also, not listed- but above all of these is clean. I love clean homes.

Relaxing-spa like bathrooms
Bright kitchens
Clutter-free workspaces, hallways and walkways
Crown molding
Wood floors
Great color schemes
Strong, simple and comfortable furniture
Soft rugs
Organized storage areas
Portraits and paintings
Inviting bedrooms
Organized closets
Warm blankets
Large windows
Painted walls
Limited knick-knacks
Hidden and simple electronics
Great kitchen equipment
Plenty of counter space
Natural lighting during the day
Soft lighting at night

Tuesday, October 27


I think my blog needs a new look.

And, coming soon:

Some furniture/decorating projects and pictures of our new cat.

Monday, October 26


It has been raining here for the past four days and with the rain the autumn leaves fall harder to the ground. The rain has scatter leaves all over the sidewalk on the eastside of the building where I work. The trees, whose leaves now provide a carpet for the sidewalk, are some of my favorites. I’ve enjoyed watching the movement of these trees and the way their colors and shapes change with the seasons. They have slender, tall trucks that reach at least fifteen or twenty feet before sending out their branches. While I’m driving or walking to work these beautiful trees look like colorful clouds, soft and full. When the wind blows their leaves lightly rustle, shimmering and sending out a sweet, comforting sound. Being near them almost makes me forget that I live and work in the city.

There is surely something peaceful about the plants that God has created. The backdrop of our busy lives are filled with these beauties, but to experiance them we must stop watching our feet, and send our eyes heavenword.

Wednesday, October 14


Sleep well and rise soon
For the moon is still shining
And while you sleep,
May we join you
On your bed of peace?

Father, show us
How to love when
Love is not received

No, we must stay
And live among the dead
Who pine their life away
On riches that our sleeping friend
Never asked for nor believed

Father, show us
How to love when
Love is gone to play

The stars they brightly shine
And I weep,
Your hands no longer mine,
For the Fall has come and sunshine’s gone
Only moonbeams light the way

Father, show us
How to love when love
In sleep must be

Oh, father and good friend
Sleep well and rise again;
And bring the sun with you