Monday, May 10

Fuzzy Morning

I hate getting out of my warm, cozy bed knowing I have to leave the house for work(although…the company I work for is wonderful, as far as companies go…I just feel drained every day talking, talking, talking).

In the morning, 30 seconds to 5 minutes from when my alarm goes off my cat, Bombadil, jumps up and cuddles against me as I lay semi-conscious in bed. He loves lying on top of the covers, on top of my chest and it is comforting to hear his purring. He’ll stay there until I get out of bed. When I finally remove the warm covers and begin my morning routine he transitions from my bed to my shoulder and stays there until I put him down. It’s only when I turn around in the bathroom to start the shower that he leaves my side.

This morning, he put his soft, fuzzy head against my cheek and just kept it there while I gently stroked his neck, head and shoulders- he laid there content, happy and purring. I love it so much it almost hurts.

Lord, thank you for my fuzzy creature who gently loves me as I prepare for my 8-5.