Saturday, January 29


I love graphs, maybe because I'm a nerd, and likely because I think visually. When I think of words, I see the letters, people- faces, etc. Right now I'm contemplating my life in graph format. My graph over the last few months is a series of up and down (up-down, up-down, up-down)- all about the same distance between the ups and downs.

My current up-down is employment related. The up: I was offered and accepted a job I really like. I worked hard at applying for work that I would actually like doing and I feel blessed to have received this in such a tight economy. Thank you GOD! The down: getting paid more would be nice. The up: We (my husband and I) have been communicating well, doing well at conflict resolution and we started a budget workshop at our house. The down: my husband has lost his job again and my frustration level with this is a mix of insecurity and feeling lost, with feeling like I've been desensitized.

So, right now, my journey is moving at about this pace, and with this much effort.

Up-down, up-down, up-down...