Tuesday, September 28

Sitting on the floor dreaming of coffee

I'm sitting on the floor dreaming of coffee to wash down the Romen noodles I had for breakfast. They were the warm, comfort food I was craving, and the only food on the counter.

We had a successful move (okay, well mostly successful, yes, we still have one or two car's of stuff to hall).

Last night we went back to the apartment in Edmonds and I cried. Despite it's strange layout I loved that place, it felt like home. Now we're living in a city that I barely know, except the street that gets me back to Edmonds, and I feel a little lost.

I think we're supposed to be here, but it hasn't felt like we're home - like being on a diet and trying to fit into the next size down - those size 10 jeans are so comfortable!

So that's how I am, Romen injested, wishing for coffee and my size 10 apartment. Also, I'm glad Comcast came yesterday.

Now...french press, where did I pack you?

Friday, September 24

Everett Moves Closer

Matt is off galavanting around WorkSource trying to add 1 and 1. Okay, maybe that isn't exactly accurate- but he really is at WorkSource asking for some advice on his recent unemployment debacle.

I'm here at home looking at our torn-up apartment wondering if we're crazy for trying to move without a moving truck (HELLO does anyone out there have a truck we can borrow for about 6 hours Sunday?) while cat, as usual, is sitting around convinced a bird is going to fly through the window into his paws.

So I need to do laundry and I am moving and we did get the job with Community Northwest and we're going to Everett and neither of us have real jobs and unemployment is fighting and it's exciting and frustrating like trying to get ten kids to make a whirlpool while swimming, but each of them is going the opposite way, and how is that for horrible grammar and punctuation?

Matt needs a job (and so do I). We're happy with the Community Northwest job- we are getting a place to live by positively impacting a community, how great is that!? Yet while we have a place to live we still food.


Help to move. Call or email me if you are available.

That's it for now, I'll be back in a few days to let you know how things pan out.

Monday, September 6


Oh Zi, today I really am organizing Lu.

Matthew's Gospel begins my 30 years.

It is September 7th, 2010 in NZ and Sept 6th, 2010 in Washington and since I'm a resident there I think today is my official birthday. Today we'll be working a little more on sprucing up Jenn's office and I'll be getting a new hair do.

Meanwhile, I woke up last night with a horrible stomach ache and a lot of anxiety. This prompted me to sit up and read about six or seven chapters from the book of Matthew- including the Sermon on the Mount and boy is that convicting.  Everything from becoming a harvester, not worrying about my clothes or what I will eat and the section on adultery (Okay, there is clarification here, I'm not having an affair it is just a really amazing section that helps remind me of the good of my husband- and right now how much I miss him).

However, it has prompted more peace about the invitation we've had to work with Community NW in October in a large complex in Federal Way, which has been kind of overwhelming to me primarily because I'm a introvert, secondarily because it is a large complex, and lastly because it is in Federal Way. Yet all of my concerns about working in this complex are squelched by Christ's definitive words.

Let's just say I felt understood and ministered to at 2 am this morning- it is a nice start to 30.

Sunday, September 5

Today's Pictures

Here are my favorite pictures so far of NZ. So beautiful here, I think I'm falling in love again - with NZ and Adaline's plum cake. Wow.