Monday, September 6

Matthew's Gospel begins my 30 years.

It is September 7th, 2010 in NZ and Sept 6th, 2010 in Washington and since I'm a resident there I think today is my official birthday. Today we'll be working a little more on sprucing up Jenn's office and I'll be getting a new hair do.

Meanwhile, I woke up last night with a horrible stomach ache and a lot of anxiety. This prompted me to sit up and read about six or seven chapters from the book of Matthew- including the Sermon on the Mount and boy is that convicting.  Everything from becoming a harvester, not worrying about my clothes or what I will eat and the section on adultery (Okay, there is clarification here, I'm not having an affair it is just a really amazing section that helps remind me of the good of my husband- and right now how much I miss him).

However, it has prompted more peace about the invitation we've had to work with Community NW in October in a large complex in Federal Way, which has been kind of overwhelming to me primarily because I'm a introvert, secondarily because it is a large complex, and lastly because it is in Federal Way. Yet all of my concerns about working in this complex are squelched by Christ's definitive words.

Let's just say I felt understood and ministered to at 2 am this morning- it is a nice start to 30.

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Islandgirl said...

It is so comforting when God speaks to us through His Word. Happy 30th sweetie! God Bless! (and maybe it won't be Federal way...maybe it will be South Everett!)