Thursday, April 15


We're on the verge of a breakthrough, perhaps because of crying out and praying and laying my heart out to the God. Whatever the case, I feel better after being true and allowing my disappointment to be disappointment, not masking it by false smiles and empty attempts at positivity.

Monday, April 12


I read this blog regularly. A friend of a friend. If you love children and care about their well being or are or want to be a parent, please read her post here about an experiance she had that is heartbreaking, yet eye opening and then pray for the babies and love on yours.


Thursday, April 1

Truth on April Fools

Lunette Menstral cups are FDA approved! This means you can actually order one in the US without wondering if someone is going to come find you and chastise you for trying to be a good consumer, care for the environment and care for your body too.

If you are a women and want a simpler, cleaner, economical, environmentally friendly and GREAT product to use for your period days instead of uncomfortable tampons and chunky pads, you may well want to consider buying one of these. Three years ago I did and I've never been happier with my period. Check them out here. It seems funny I'm talking about it, but its one of those great purchases that I cannot stop endorsing. I've always hated my period and now I barely notice I have one.

Congratulations to Lunette, but truly, congratulations to all the women out there who will benefit from your great product!