Monday, October 26


It has been raining here for the past four days and with the rain the autumn leaves fall harder to the ground. The rain has scatter leaves all over the sidewalk on the eastside of the building where I work. The trees, whose leaves now provide a carpet for the sidewalk, are some of my favorites. I’ve enjoyed watching the movement of these trees and the way their colors and shapes change with the seasons. They have slender, tall trucks that reach at least fifteen or twenty feet before sending out their branches. While I’m driving or walking to work these beautiful trees look like colorful clouds, soft and full. When the wind blows their leaves lightly rustle, shimmering and sending out a sweet, comforting sound. Being near them almost makes me forget that I live and work in the city.

There is surely something peaceful about the plants that God has created. The backdrop of our busy lives are filled with these beauties, but to experiance them we must stop watching our feet, and send our eyes heavenword.

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