Wednesday, October 1

Political Fare

So, I should have posted this when I read it on Sept 16th since it corresponds with the presidential debates, which were last Friday, but I think it is good enough to post, even if it is a little late.

I admit- I am not the greatest political follower. On the other hand I do try to absorb at least a little of what is going on politically and believe that having an understanding and voice about what is going on in one's nation is critical and important. In this Great article by, Ann McFeatters, I'm challenged on that frontier. She urges people to think outside of the cool box and into the "these-people-will-be-leading-us” box.

She's right. There is so much going on and Americans (if not other nations) can feel it. Here in Seattle I feel like the “in thing" is to adore Obama. It is turning to Obama worship on every corner, on each bumper sticker and in almost every suedo-political conversation I've heard. I call it suedo because this is the discussion (and...I'm NOT kidding).

Person a. "Who you gonna vote for?"
Person b. "Obama, I think."
Person a. "Yeah me too."
Person b. "I just think he'll do great things for the nation. Besides McCain is old. He'll probably die before the end of his term, and dear God we wouldn't want Sarah Palin as president!"

Maybe that is looking ahead a little bit, but seriously people!

As Ann McFeatters urges us, let's remember that BOTH Obama and McCain are human, they aren't saints. Let's find out what they really stand for and make our vote based on that. Two years down the road into his presidency, whoever the president is, he'll make mistakes and each of us will be wondering how the heck he got into such a powerful position. We'll forget that we voted for him because he has a soothing voice, a picture perfect wife, or a brilliant set of straight, white teeth! Then we'll complain and wish that Hilary were president!

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Roboseyo said...

wow. you actually get to vote for this one. I'm suffering voter envy: I wish non-americans could vote in this election, especially given the way every country affects every other country these days.

How ya doin, J?