Saturday, October 25


I know talking about Papa may be something that many of you are expecting for my first post since last week. Because I'm not ready to summarize my experiance I want to discuss another thing that is happening in my life; stripping.

Not the good old fashion taking clothes off, but the practice of using harsh chemicals to remove paint and other finishes from wood.

This is what I am stripping.

I bought it off of craigslist and am hoping to bring it back to life (i'm currently working on the drawer that is missing.

However, I need some help. That's where you fit in. I need suggestions concerning the following questions.

I can easily open the drawer by slipping my fingers under each drawer and pulling. I believe this is they way the dresser was originally designed.

QUESTION 1: Should I put a drawer pull (as shown on the bottom two drawers) for decoration purposes?

I know the dresser is white now, and I enjoy color- so the general idea is, oh, paint it a fun color. However...I am actually thinking about painting it a different color of white because it will blend with my closet which is like this closet from Ikea but has legs (another craigslist find).

QUESTION 2. Is white a good idea, or should I go with a different color or combination of colors, like charcoal blue, light blue, and/or silver (if I do go with a color it will likely be blue because it goes well with the blue that is in our beautifully made quilt).

QUESTION 3. Should I put new silver legs to give it a modern feel(if I can figure out how)?

Please, please comment. And if you need extra detail, I promise to post the answers. NOTE: Any suggestion may or may not be considered.


Jenna said...

so do two of the drawers have pulls on them? my vote/input is this: the silver legs (if you can figure out how! :) sound great and put handles on the drawers that match whatever legs you put on it. is it pretty solid feeling overall? and as far as paint goes, i vote for some color. a light charcoal gray color or possibly charcoal blue like you suggested.

by the way, did i tell you before i found your blog? i like it. i enjoy your writing. see you tomorrow!

Deanna said...

Hey Jess,
I just spent the weekend sanding and refinishing a Craigslist find! Here is my suggestion. Go to Home Depot or a place like (this would be my choice, but HD may be easier) and look at the drawer pulls. There are so many colors and styles. I would then fashion the color of the dresser to match the pulls.