Wednesday, October 8

Tuesday Nights

On Tuesday nights Matt and I have been going to a community/service group for our church. We meet, usually snack on something, talk about the sermon, and pray. Also, most of us are involved in some way in children’s ministry. I was hesitant to go to the group at first. Some of this was good discretion trying to make sure that I wasn’t over involving myself or getting super busy with life. On the other hand some of my hesitation was plain old anxiety and fear. After two months of struggling to know what was my will and God’s, I feel like God has shown me that this is the right place to be.

I really appreciate all the females in this group. There are singles, dating, newly-married (like me) and mom’s with children, and they all have a strong love for Jesus and for people. Plus they have some of the best sense of humor I’ve encountered in a long, long time. The men are equally as encouraging (and also, they talk more than the women…which to me is not really taboo- since Matt is verbose- but in general how did we get so many chatty guys in one room?).

Anyway…last night was great. I really enjoy the people and I pray that true relationship comes out of this quirky bunch of people.

Thanks groupies for your acceptance, grace, wisdom and love.

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