Monday, November 10

Saturday Superhero

I was in the kitchen mixing up pizza dough. Everything went smoothly until the yeast wouldn't bubble and as a result the dough balls didn't rise. I tried putting it near the warm heater, later to realize, I'd probably killed the little yeasts!

I needed a miracle.

Enter Super Proofer man (AKA my husband).

With a streak of genius he remembered the proofer ovens from his Cinnabon days. Shoving a pan full of water into the oven, as he turned the knob to warm, he began making a warm, moist atmosphere for the little balls of dough.

Five minutes later dough balls meet warm, moist atmosphere.

Fast forward ten minutes...VIOLA! Risen Dough balls!

The result: 1 Cheese and 3 Chicken Pesto pizzas.

Thanks Proofer Man!

1 comment:

Islandgirl said...

And that Chicken Pesto Pizza was so totally yummy! Yay to you and Yay to Super Proofer Man!