Monday, November 24


I realized yesterday that I cherish my church.

Since I moved from Spokane, nine and a half years ago, I have struggled to find a church I could call home. I’ve often told myself that I’m not the “community” type. I have friends in a lot of countries and in many communities and thought, well- that’s good enough. However, during those nine years a few people, including my husband, have challenged this thought. I’m glad they did. Yesterday solidified the reality that Mars Hill is my church home.

Matt and I met with the pastor that taught our marriage class. Prior to meeting with him I wasn’t thinking “meeting with a Pastor will prove whether this is the right church,” rather gratitude finally kicked in. Gratitude for the church body that my husband and I are a part of hit me like someone purposely shoving me into a pile of down feathers, and once I landed I looked up to see Christ looking over me with a big sweet smile; the feeling of being loved.

Our meeting wasn't long but the presence of peace, kindness and Christ’s love were present. I appreciate the open, honest non-judgmental attitude of Pastor Phil and believe both Matt and I were equally encouraged, cared for and challenged.

I am thankful for Mars Hill Church.

Sure it’s a big church, sure more technology is used here then you could throw forty Wii joysticks at, sure they'd likely be considered radical Christians. They aren’t perfect, but Christ is working in and through the Pastors, staff and the church body.

Father, continue to lead this church as we continue to worship you, and thank you for Mars Hill.