Tuesday, December 23

A Cold Evening

Its almost Christmas day and I'm playing with my thoughts. Thinking of snow ferries dancing in the frost, and childhood memories and dreams. Remembering Papa and all the things we did for Christmas. I'm wishing I could be lost in this winter wonderland as the snow crunches under my boots and the world is silenced by this peaceful white blanket. Adempting to catch the magic just a bit, I raise the corners of my mouth in a semi-happy grin. Things are looking up, but I'm feeling kind of down as I finish my last gifts alone tonight. Just wanting more than anything for someone to hold me, to lead me to a place of peace and security. Like laying down on a soft rug near the hearth while one arm is wrapped lovingly around a big friendly labrador retriever.

1 comment:

Kyra said...

take care, love. be well & enjoy what you can of this time. there's always another day for sorrow.