Monday, December 15

The Today Show

Yesterday I was interviewed by the Today Show. That's right NBC's leading early morning show. They were at our church, Mars Hill, asking questions to members, pastors, etc. Matt and I happen to be there at the right time and since we're not camera shy, they spoke with us.

Apparently, in America there is a rise in church attendance. The Today Show is hoping to connect the economic down turn as the reason people are seeking steeples. They were even more excited to find someone like me, who was recently laid off, to ask those pointed questions.

Oh media, oh media- how I love and hate thee.

So, we answered their questions and went on with the day. However, I tend to over analyze everything. Even though I know my answers were truthful, their last question has haunted me. It went something like this:

"In what ways are you hoping your church will help you find a job?"

After mulling over my epectations of what church is about and why I go and what I expect to get from church I realized this: there is one primary reason why I continue to go to church, with a job or without a job. I go because I love Jesus. The role of the church, in my life, is to always point me back to the cross- to show me that Jesus is God's son, and that he made the ultimate sacrifice to save me from a life without God.

I do believe that understanding Christ's sacrifice for us, will encourage us to be givers of our resources, time, and talents, especially to those in need. But when I think about my expecations for how my church will help me- I fall hard on this thought: Above all, my church community must point me to God who will provide; either through people at church or other non-church-affiliated resources

Thus, to the Today Show, whether I have a job or don't, whether I'm rich or poor, if I'm well or sick, the primary thing I expect from my church, is a loving, kind hand that guides me back to Christ.

To our church: thanks for the prayers, the love, the giving and kindness you continue to show, and how always, always, always I am being pointed back to our great saviour.

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Kyra said...

woah, that's wacky! tell me if they air any of your sound bites! ps, call me back!