Monday, June 14


It is 1:10 am and I'm sitting at my computer, so tired but unable to sleep because all parts of my body itch, I think it is a reaction to the Bactrim that a doctor prescribed for me when I went in with some folliculitis on my neck about a week ago.

Most of the rash is gone but my skin is crawling and I cannot sleep. Its so frustrating- I'd like to itch my skin right off. Tomorrow, no Bactrim.

I'm also wondering if perhaps, because I forgot to take it for two days straight, I am now having a worse reaction. I remember my skin kinda crawling the first time I took it, and I remember my muscles really cramping up. Who knows- I'm not a pharmacist- but I do know that I took a Bactrim shortly before bed at 10:30 and now it is past 1 am in the morning and I cannot sleep.


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