Thursday, July 29

Yesterday's Late Night Hide and Seek

I had just gone to brush my teeth, excited for the moment head hits pillow. Those few minutes with the brush, and The Fuzz quietly escaped by knocking out the window screen, slipping into the dark night.

I grabbed the food bucket and tried bravely wandering the complex screaming "Criiiiddddssss! Criiiiiddddsssss!" in the shrillest way possible (that's how I sound inside too) as I shook the bucket making the crunchers move around noisily and hoping not to wake the neighbors. All the while my untrusting side wondering what neighbor released the screen and snatched him up?! The mind can justify all sorts of strange things when something dear is at stake.

Just seconds away from smashing my head against the stucco exterior of our apartment building I heard one of the worst things I've ever heard, my cat was making the sound of an injured dinosaur (or so I imagined) leading me to his hidden position in the shadows, siting in the flower bed near the unit at the end of the building. Poor Fuzz all alone and looking incredibly disillusioned, want some crunchers?

Okay. Now, go inside.

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