Monday, August 9

Some Positives

So along with all the difficult, frustrating and exhausting things like loosing my job and having a bacteria grab onto my chicken neck, I have been in the midst of some personal changes that are positive and make me feel good.

1. Eating way better than I have in a long time. Really. AND, I've even kept it up for about three weeks. I'm not killing myself over a small piece of candy, or a spoon of ice cream, but I'm not eating candy bars and bowls of ice cream (acutally, I rarely ate ice cream before...but you get my drift) and I've added a LOT of veggies and fruits. I feel good emotionally and physically. Yay.

2. I've been delving deeper into the Artist Way group I'm a part of and that is good.

3. I've been having some really good, difficult, painful, growing and maturing conversations with my husband.

4. I am realizing that there are certain things I need in life- probably because I'm weak and just cannot do it all on my own, so I'm beginning to let go and also speak up.

5. I'm writing down some of my goals.

6. I'm letting go of the over planner and being careful to allow time for me.

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