Friday, October 29

Oatmeal Mask

Recently, an artist friend of mine gave me a full tutorial on how to make a mask- as in masquerade.  It was great fun, except that one of the steps was slathering vaseline over my ENTIRE face, which has resulted in a month of itchy, angry, face-full of clogged pores. Where is my 9th grade homeroom when I need it?

So, today, I decided to resurrect my thirty-year old face by making another mask. An oatmeal, honey, milk mask via a recipe I found online.  Yes, you may think that slapping breakfast cereal all over my face dropped me to the level of a 1 year old- but so far, so good. My face is kissing itself right now - a sign of maturity.

All things considered, my fancy mask turned out fairly well. I'll confirm this Sunday night by answering my door, candy in hand with a molded, grimacing look. However, if over the next two days the oatmeal morphs me into Mrs. Hyde, well then it is still a win-win situation; Sunday, I'll just skip the fancy mask all together.

PS. I am learning about photoshop is fun.

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