Wednesday, December 22

Pain the the Neck

I had a good day.

6:30 AM wake-up call, take Matt to work.

8:00 AM get home, check emails, check on the cat and get ready to talk to my sweet Swazi sister (Check out the PC Peace maker on my links).

9:00 AM talk with sister, she rocks, she's hardcore and yes, she's hot.

10:00 AM mom calls and says we planned on hanging out together (umm...somehow I forgot this detail). Hang-up quickly, shower quickly and grab all my stuff.

10:30 AM in the lounge which is FREEZING...I try to get it warmed up, a bunch of kids come we watch the dragon show- major success.

12:10 PM leave to meet mom at fedex/costco in Edmonds, where I print out some things and Mom and I head to downtown Edmonds

12:30 PM we have lunch, I'm still FREEZING cold and the bread they serve is cold, but the food is awesome and the coffee is great and WARM.

1:30 PM we hit the streets which have quick, cold winds whipping around and I'm freezing, but we go in and out of shops so I feel okay still.

4:30 PM Matt calls it's time to get him.

5:00 PM I pick Matt up, we head home and my shoulder, shoulder blade and neck tense up and pain starts shooting everywhere and yes it's my left shoulder and arm, and no I don't think I had a heart attack, my heart is in good working order from a few months ago per a medical thinkamabob I went in's just that I shivered so much today that I'm tight as an elephant's g-string and it's cutting off the circulation.

5:30 PM Matt tries his hardest to help massage...he is trying.

6:00 PM I HAVE to get warm, I'm freezing, I soak in a HOT HOT bath and feel OH so much better.

8:00 PM...I'm having to warm my shoulder up and take Ibuprofen.

SO...what do i learn...

Wear layers....lots of them...

AND DO MY STINKING "PAIN FREE" exercises everyday...then life wouldn't be so painful.


And please, Jessica, use the voucher you have for a 90 minute massage...SHEESH!

I have a stinking PAIN IN THE NECK.

Great time with mom though and overall great if I could just get to the store...

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