Thursday, April 7


I'm sitting in the dark, on a bed on the floor and every time I stop coughing I hear the refrigerator. My throat is throbbing form the incessant coughing that resulted from a severe cold over the last few days. The postnasal drip seems to have almost disappeared, but my raw throat screams out in a duck-like cough ever time something tickles it, which is about ever other minute. I have had many colds, but these are the worst. I've been living the life of a mute and forwarding all my calls to Matt and forcing friends to text or email me because talking with me is more like talking in a nightmare.

On top of that the codeine syrup prescribed by the Doc appears to have no effect on my nocturnal need to cough at all odds! I'm likely heading toward addiction, since I keep taking more because NOTHING IS HAPPENING! The same stupid, frustrating, sleep depriving cough, I'm so tired of being tired and I've said that before, yet this time I really mean it more than ever. Tired of feeling like the lining of my throat, made of sandpaper, moves with ever single intake of air or change in my sleeping position. Upright is the easiest for me, but who sleeps sitting up unless they (like myself) always ride coach?  

Here I am...awake, loathing my only desire, to throw my head against the pillow, wishing I had a huge jar of liquid NyQuil, my preferred cough medicine. It tastes like licorice and it knocks me out cold....stupid Codeine prescription!

One final note, by sleeping on the floor in the living room at least Matt gets a good night sleep in our bed- no matter where I am sleeping isn't happening.

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