Wednesday, July 16

My First Time

Today is a day of firsts!

A. For the first time I transplanted my tomato plants into the ground. These are the first set of tomato plants I have personally tended to without the slave driving, wise antics, superhero, gardening capabilities of my mother. Hopefully some of her strengths have been passed to me. Currently, one plant is doing poorly, but looks like it will still yeild fruit, and the other two are developing nicely.

B. This is the first full day my dear twin sister, Jenn, has been back in the states after just a year ago. It was wonderful to see her cute face at the airport.

C. Today marks the first day both my husband and I had to either take the bus or bum a ride. Overall it when great, well, aside from the chaffing.

D. Finally, this is the first day that OrganizingLu (or O Lu) has gone public. That's right. I've developed this as my business name as I work to estabish a business creating creative organizers and crafts. Meanwhile, this blog is about what I'm learning about creativity. Colors, textures, and the projects I'm working on. Today it is tomato plants, tomorrow, perhaps Roman shades!

Much love-

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