Friday, July 18

Arms of the Lamb

Soft, used, earthy brown leather slippers sit against the wall at the base of the fireplace. Their softness and comfort are a stark contrast to the bright, hard, brick surface of the white fireplace. But, like the fire, which provides bone-warming, romantic, wood heat in autumn, winter, and spring here in the Northwest, so these slippers wait in anticipation for cold toes sliding into the loving arms of their soft lambs wool.
Unlike the neutral colors of white and brown, the feet that walk in these slippers are colorful. They can be purple and pink, orange-sickle and cream. These feet have walked many miles, they've supported a body on the ocean, felt stone, danced to old music, lifted, kicked, ridden bikes and driven motorcycles and automobiles, and have worked many long hours. They're worn, often cracked, but they're still kicking. Papa, he's still kicking.

Looking at these slippers, and thinking of Papa, I am am thinking that we are loved by Jesus like slippers on the soles of worn feet. Is not the texture of wool and leather cupping our feet utterly delightful? How wonderful and loving God is, and how comforting to know that our sacrificial lamb is always there with his arms open to love and comfort us.

Thanks Jesus for the spiritual slippers.
Thank you Papa for teaching me this and thank you for walking the straight and narrow, even if it means that, sometimes, you walk in slippers.

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