Wednesday, November 26


Today, I want to express my thanks to a few people that are not in my closest circle of friends and family but who have made a profound impact on me.

~ Brian- his kindness and thoughtfulness as a business acquaintance speak volumes. Everyone who works with him appreciates his enthusiasm and compassion. Recently he wrote, “… part of the beauty in life’s blessings is the ability to understand how good we have it even when we are in pain or suffering through a loss. The joy of life should be felt in every breath you take.” Thank you Brian for being willing to speak truth in the workplace where so many people are afraid to say something that could be taken offensively or inappropriately.

~Brenda, a co-worker whose humor, personality, and wisdom have truly touched my heart and moved me to love and humility. Thank you for sharing your life and being willing to listen to mine as I find out what it means to follow God while loving others. Next to my Mom, you are one of the strongest women I’ve know.

~Jeff, the first person I met who was willing to think about art within a Biblical perspective both in mainstream culture and in Christian culture while not compromising the need for quality. Thank you for being curious and thoughtful as you seek to serve Christ first and work as a master at your craft. Your story has encouraged me to engage again in the creative process.
*The picture here and the one below are from my neice, Kathrine G.

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