Tuesday, December 2


I was reading an article on difficult co-workers. They said the following:

"Difficult people come in every conceivable variety. Some talk constantly and never listen. Others must always have the last word. Some coworkers fail to keep commitments. Others criticize anything that they did not create."

The only other person in my department has ALL of these traits. I'm not kidding, all of them.

Work related conversations with this person are strained and tiring. I'm ok with confrontation, and have sternly and politely done so. I and other people have tried speaking with management about it. Management has spoken to them about it.

Sometimes it completely astounds me that many people really don't care. Or perhaps it is that they think they care, but they don't really know what love, kindness,repentance, forgiveness and change actually mean.


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Kyra said...

gah, that's frustrating! I've known my fair share of folks who do that, & I understanding how bone-tiring that is. you're a saint for dealing w/ it the way you have... I'm not that big of a person.