Thursday, December 11


After waking this morning I drove my husband to work then stopped at home depot for some hanging folders I've been meaning to buy for about five months. Now I have papers all over my livingroom. Mostly in organized piles, but there is a large recycle pile sitting there, hapazardly.

Today, as I've been working on the filing project and applying for jobs, I realized I don't miss MasterPress. I do miss a few of my co-workers, but realistically, that is about it.

I've also realized that being laid off, surprising as it was, may be the way God is confirming that it is time to move on. I had been applying to other places before the lay off. God, if that's the case, thanks for giving me an extra push.

Another thing to be happy about, because I was laid off I'll receive unemployment benefits. This means I get paid while I'm looking for work, which also means I will be able to squeeze in some last minute time with Jenn and other family during the holidays.

Anyway...this last weekend, before the layoff, I went to Whidbey Island and we visited Langley where Will bought some marbles (well, his mom bought some marbles). Currently, marbles happen to be his favorite object. We were taking pics and he specifically wanted us to take pictures of the marbles. So, for everyone's marble enthusiasm.

Here ya go.


melissa said...

Hey! I remember you.
I'll add you to my reader list--what's your email address?

And I enjoyed reading your blog this evening, too...
isn't blogland weird? So many interesting people's thoughts floating out there and you may not even know about them...

Kyra said...

that's cute. glad you're looking at things from the positive side.