Tuesday, April 28

Us and the Lil' Naked Purple Guy

I'm sitting at the desk blogging when I really should be cleaning out the fridge, doing the dishes and getting laundry completed.

The last few months have been pretty challenging- financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Matt and I have been trying to figure out how to crunch our buget without crunching our relationship and ruining dreams. Its been tough; like arm wrestling an opponent who's strength is your equal, who you feel will ultimately take you down. Defeat has not yet surface on our side of the match and because of that I am thankful.

About two weeks ago Matt and I made a big, bold decision. We decided to move. Matt would be moving to Alaska and I would be moving to a new place in Seattle. This move is almost purely financial. A friend of mine often says, "Time is money." While, I'm not sure I completely agree with this philosophy, I hope it rings true for the next five months of our time apart.

So here we are. Apart. I'm sitting in a half-packed house, and Matt's up in Alaska waiting for work to start.

To Matt: Love you honey. Thanks for sticking your neck out there and going north, alone as your prepare to take the step into the world of acedemics.

AND...my favorite picture of late...

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