Thursday, May 7

Busy Bee

Since Matt went to Alaska I've barely had enough time to cook toast. I have been really busy, packing and sorting and planning and scrubbing. Tonight, I'll scrub again. The place I'm moving into needs a lot of TLC. A lot. I'm pretty sure it hadn't been really clean since they built it as an addition to the already large split level home- so I'll clean until it sparkles, then Saturday, I'll make it gleam and shine with new pretty paint.

I think a lot of people wonder why I would put so much effort into a room that I may only live in for six months; in a house that will some day be demolished. For me, I think it can be broken down into four principle reasons; rest, peace, beauty, and worship.

I want the confortable, warm feeling of my home (whether it is a small room or a ten bedroom house) to convey the feeling that I and my guests know they are cared for; I want it to say kick your shoes off and rest. Peace, is a bi-product of this, and for me, working full time, my home needs to provide a sense of peace. A place I come to and wind down. Also, painting a room and making it shine adds value, and I believe, evokes respect. Finally, for me, when I am caring for my home, and re-decorating from the inside out, I believe I am worshiping God for his provision; being a good steward of the gift of living in Seattle for only a few hundred dollars a month.

I will post before and after pictures.

And, if anyone wants to help paint- call me - the painting party is on Saturday.

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