Wednesday, January 13


When do I squeeze in a moment to write? That's my question. And when do I squeeze in a moment to paint or draw? That's another of my questions.

I already have a few goals established: 1. Get in the physical shape I want (I'm thinking Star shaped) and 2. pay off my loan by 2010.

For goal 1. I've joined the Y near my house and its wonderful. I love working out becuase it only involves the use of my body and some general use of my brain like (lift, kick, cycle, walk- keep the heart rate up, okay...slow it down, 20 more minutes, etc), and then my brian gets a break. Plus, there are TV's at the Y on a number of the machines which means I can watch cool shows while I work out. I always thought this was dumb, but its totally GREAT when you don't have cable. Yay!

For goal 2. Matt and I are plugging, plugging away at the debt and its encouraging and also hard...but I see light at the end of the tunnel, yes I do.

I have more goals though...its just trying to figure out how to accomplish them, when to squeeze them in. Should I sacrifice a night with friends or weekend with family to write (3) and paint (4)?

So for goal 3. (writing) I'm gonna try blogging a little more, it keeps me accountable to the other goals I have and gives me an avenue to write (BTW, I'm pretty sure my writing needs some technical love, so a friends of mine is looking into a writing class for us to take together. Hmm...perhaps I DON'T have to sacrifice as much friend time).

Meanwhile, there are areas where I have been creative. Currently, I'm repurposing some material I found at Goodwill as upholstery for a hand-me-down couch I received from a friend, and its turning out well.

Thus, for goal 4 (visual artistry- sounds good huh?), I've been encouraged from many people in all areas of my life to start pursuing this more intentionally. So, now my question is, does painting a wall in my apartment count?

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Leslie Dieterle said...

I loved reading about your goals here. How's it going with this?