Wednesday, March 3

A Short Whine

My desires are to live outside of someone asking me to follow their schedule and make them rich. Money is a frustrating thing- why money? I feel like I've been working my hands off trying to pay rent. No equity just living day to day in a place that has sky-high rent and mediocre jobs. I'm tired of it.

I know God says when we are good stewards of a little he gives more and Matt and I are really trying- we are.

Its just that I want to me a mom sooner than later, care for household dutes, spend some spare time when I have it painting or dancing or making great food for people. But this 8-5 plus 1/2 there and back is crap. I understand why working my 8-9 jobs i've gained weight, forgot what I like doing and hardly have time to clean.

I'm not saying I don't work for a good company (they are at the top of this list in everyway for their industry in this city)- I'm just saying that I feel a miles away from where I feel I would like to be.

So how do I get there....?

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Jess O. said...

I make a correction. there are great jobs here (I'm simply working a mediocre one) but really I don't want them.

Is it just complaining, or is there something valid about me just wanting to nurture home and people?