Monday, March 8

Minute Monday, A Fray in the Eye

Today I'm writing about a menial strife maker in my life. That’s right, the aglet. This is not a vindictive nickname for my husband, my cat or one of my co-workers; this is a piece of plastic or metal at the end of a shoelace enabling the lace to run smoothly through the eyelet (the little holes in your shoe where the lace goes through).

It seems that my aglets will last only a few months before they pop off and create a frayed end resembling the mop tops of Fraggle Rock. While I do like Fraggle Rock, having one of them as the tip of my shoelace is illogical and frustrating. Imagine trying to shove Wembley, head first, through an eyelet, he wouldn’t like it and you would feel bad trying to grab at his hair.

So, to save the frayed Fraggle heads from being pinched and pulled through my eyelet, I've learned that a small piece of packing tape wound around the frayed lace end works as a useful, temporary solution until I can make it to store for another set of laces.

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