Tuesday, March 9


Today, I woke up at 5:50 am to my alarm. After turning off the radio Fuzz (my cat) jumped onto the bed and laid on me, his usual routine. He loves being snuggled up close to me early in the mornings and won’t budge until I do- it makes me want to stay under the warm covers. Oh Fuzz, you are so cute in the mornings!

At 6:05 I stumbled out into the living room, which is chaotic right now full of empty bookcases and books sprawled all over the room because of a recent trip to Ikea that resulted in bringing home four various sized Billy, black-brown bookcases (finally, our bookcases match!), and cleared a spot to do my morning stretches. I used the Ergoscue method and it has been a life saver for my sore neck, shoulders and right ankle (I’ve had trouble with my peroneal tendon). Basically, the stretches relax me as I lay on the floor for about 50 minutes allowing gravity do its thing, readjusting my alignment. Our friend Paul calls them the lazy man’s stretches. So, if you need to stretch in the early hours I suggest using the Ergoscue method because who wants to put forth effort in the morning? You might as well gently doze and stretch at the same time.

(By the way, we chose the Billy bookcases over the prettier ones for the combined goodness of height, storage room, versatility and cost, and in a month or two we’ll be purchasing doors. We mostly used gift cards for them- I’ll post pictures at some point, when we’re done getting things back in order)

Once ready for the day Matt took me to work with a quick stop for coffee and a scone. The morning half of work went by like me sliding down an icy driveway- fast.

This afternoon I need to finish up a bunch of paperwork, Matt will pick me up, we’ll get home, eat dinner, feed the cat, then I’ll drop him off at guys prayer group and jet over to the U-village for tea with Steph then home again where, perhaps I can tackle the laundry from the weekend (we had a GREAT weekend by the way), go work out and then fall into bed (yes, I know one shouldn’t workout before bed, but there is nowhere else to throw the exercise today, isn’t it good enough that I at least do it?).

Here is hoping that I keep quickly sliding down the icy workway.

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