Sunday, August 29

Windy Wellington

I arrived on schedule and Lu was waiting. After a quick, hearty and emotional hug we had a GREAT DAY.

We went to Floradita's and had fritata and a "filled bun" (AKA a sandwich) and coffee and chatted it up

(Actually, we first went to her house and I freshened-up - 24 hours traveling can made me someone worth washing)

Then after the cafe we headed to Mt. Victoria, which is a vantage point of the city. Wellington is filled with hills all over and reminds me of Portland and San Fran mixed together. It's quite lovely despite the ran, and definitely windy, as you can see from the pictures below.This pictures is of me by a canon that was there at Mt. Victoria, I just realized I didn't read the plaque.
We headed home and did a pilates video and had tea and now Jenn is fixing up some tortilla soup.

And yes, the passenger does sit on the left.

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