Tuesday, August 31

A Written Update

It is about 10:30 right now and I'm still up, so I think it's safe to say that I suffered from very little jet lag. Lu is down stairs working on the last five rows of a knitting project and I'm getting ready for bed. Cleaned up my suitcase and tidied my room, and thought perhaps I should finish my unwinding with a small blog session.

Today was filled with a slow starting morning and a drive around Wellington, to Eastborne then down the valley to the north. I saw a sign saying that blue penguins cross the road at night and I saw my first set of sheep scattering the hillside. Overall, Wellington is beautiful. To me it has the hills of Seattle, the quaintness of Portland, the roadways of France, the vegetation of Kauai, and the ocean of Juneau. So beautiful, so different - I really do love this city, and it seems that no matter where you are at there is a beautiful view.

The weather here is windy and cold, but the flowers are beginning to bloom on a few trees and I've seen daffodils and other bright colors. There are beautiful fern trees and tall Norfolk pine and succulents that are bigger than my car.

The wind did die down today and tonight the stars are bright in the sky. We had dinner with Gavin's parents, potatoes and veggies and roast chicken and I saw their very nice house, with beautiful views.

Most of all, I am enjoying my time with Lu- wishing that this wasn't a vacation, but a way of life. Wondering a little about some decisions Matt and I are making (more on that later) and wondering if it is a mistake not to take the chance to live and work in NZ while we're still around 30 years old. God knows, I'll pray and trust in His holy spirit.

Meanwhile, all I have is today, so I must live in the moment, which means I need to brush my teeth and crawl into bed.

So, goodnight, love you and wish you were here too.

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Islandgirl said...

So glad that you have posted! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time ~ Love you....and I wish I were there too!